Welcome to airwalkrr’s Rise of the Runelords!

The town of Sandpoint needs you! Goblins have been lurking about and tales of a now-deceased serial killer along with the recent burning of the old Sandpoint Temple have left a dark pall over the town of Sandpoint. Is the village cursed? Or is there some ancient evil lurking about? Meanwhile, a great stirring of giants are rumored to rise in the east. What could it all mean? An ancient evil threat looms on the horizon and an unlikely group of heroes may be all that stands between it and the fate of all of Golarion!

Cast of Characters
Devion Dawn Seeker, NG male human (Varisian) cleric of Sarenrae, played by rangerjohn
Duko Wrag, N male half-orc summoner, played by kinem
Marcas Vanator, LG male human (Shoanti) monk (zen archer), played by Mowgli
Talashia, NG female human (Varisian) sorcerer (air elemental), played by Shayuri
Vandalin, CG male human (mixed) rogue, played by Scotley
Vhir, CG male human (Shoanti) barbarian, played by SelcSilverhand

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airwalkrr's Rise of the Runelords

Mowgli Shayuri rangerjohn kinem Scotley SelcSilverhand